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Originally posted by M_surinamensis
Well... personally I believe the evidence which suggests that they're instinctive animals and have a *bit* of an issue with the idea that a snake thinks or feels in the context that WE use the word... Stimulus prompts response, response is instinctual and genetic... But that's as much of that debate as I'm going to put here on this thread and this topic unless someone wants to hear more... It's simply important to have a brief disclaimer.

Seamus, Personally I've always found your thoughts to be intruiging....have even learned some from your post. I would definately be interested in hearing more from you.

Perhaps I cannot think "snakelike" enough, and keep thinking as humans do. But I can't believe that the only things that "feel" are instinct and genetic.

I look at my snakes. Open the rubbermaid, and one, the snake I've had the longest, will "tell" me. She will occassionally come out of her hide and onto my hand OR she stays in her hide. I take this as her showing me she does or does not want to come out.

In the above case, would instinct not tell the snake to hide away?

Or, am I reading too much into her actions?
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