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Exclamation Can you really tell what your snake is "thinking"

This started in a couple other threads, and I thought it may deserve it's own thread.

Could you please check out these posts: ( I've taken the relevent posts from the original thread, to make it easier for people to check out )

Originally posted by kidchameleon
i read that corns are good swimmers. is this true? if so, would it be good to let it swim in a bathtub for a little exercise? thanks
Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
Yeah, they can swim, but I highly doubt its going to WANT to go for a cruise around your tub. They don't swim to relax like we do, LOL! They CAN swim out of necessity, but its not going to do the backstroke to work out the kinks of the day.

Stop thinking like a human. THINK like a snake. What does a snake like to do all day? Those are the questions you should be asking yourself. Not whether or not your corn should be doing laps in your bathtub.
Originally posted by Vanan
As much as I have to agree with Jeff about snakes "enjoying" laps in the tub, I DO have to add that it isn't harmful to occasionally do so, as a form of exercise. Unless of course, you can provide adequate space to roam, and branches to climb to keep it "toned". On the contrary, I have noticed that there are some snake species which can't swim as well and have even heard of them drowning. Had a friend who had a blood python drown in it's water dish. Most adult colubrids do fine.
Originally posted by gonesnakee
Its exercise & isn't harmful. Must be monitored the whole time & water temp is extremely important. Know the temp of the water FOR SURE! 80-85 f is not very warm & people KILL snakes by leaving them unattended in too warm of water. If the water is too hot even by just a few degrees your snake can go into shock & die. I know a few "newbies" that have killed snakes this way. Whats a nice temp for you is usually far too warm for them. Also if using a bathtub make sure that there is ZERO residue from products such as soaps, shampoos & especially bathroom cleaners. Phenols are a DEATH SENTENCE to reptiles. If I haven't scared ya out of the idea, I hope you & your snake have fun in the tub, but play safe. Mark
Originally posted by ChristinaM
I don't know bout my corn, but my BRB sure enjoys the kiddie pool. My corn enjoys soaking in the water bowl tho.

Personally, for whatever it's worth, I think having the snake out in the tub, or wherever, is a good idea. I don't think in the wild they would stay put in a 2ft by 2ft area ( or whatever tank dimensions ).

I can see bonus's to it as well.....helping with shedding, the snake having a drink, exercise, etc.

Mark posted all the cautions, and my 2 cents are, try'll know if s/he doesn't like it
Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
Mark posted all the cautions, and my 2 cents are, try'll know if s/he doesn't like it
Will you? 100% of the time? Or only if the snake REALLY doesn't like it? Just curious.
Originally posted by ChristinaM
Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
[B]Will you? 100% of the time? Or only if the snake REALLY doesn't like it? Just curious.
excellent point. One needing some definate thought, perhaps friendly debate

I could be very wrong, will admit that upfront....I've not studied/read extensively about snakes in their natural habitat, so basing this on personal opinion only.

Once a person gets to know their snake, they should be able to read it fairly accurately.....

knowing that all curled up, hissing, and wide open mouth show the snake would like to bite your head off, wants to be alone,'s an aggressive symbol, I think we can all agree on that one.

Watching the tongue flicks, the length of time the tongue is extended, how frequently, etc....can also show how your snake is feeling at that time.......

Yes I think like a human.
I do not know how to think like a snake.
The only thought I can be certain of is that a captive snake definately would not be as happy in an enclosure as it would in the wild.

I found a link a while back, discussing snake behaviours, etc. That's where I pulled some info, the rest I came to my conclusions on my own after spending time with my snakes.

I guess, my answer to your question above:

100 % of the time, no, I don't think anyone is that good at reading snakes.

Will you only know if it REALLY does not like it? No I don't believe so if you know your snake and can follow its cue's of body language, etc. I believe you can tell the diffrence between natural curiousity, and "enjoyment".

take it for what it is worth. I definately think this topic needs a thread of its own as it is a very intriguing subject. One I for one, am definately interested in hearing views from others on.
So, input folks, what do you think?????
I would love to see a nice friendly debate, maybe we ALL can learn something.

Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with stupidity
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