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Okay, now I'm just going to gripe about some issues I've experienced as someone looking around at herp breeders lately.

Now, the Internet has obviously brought some definite advantages, namely easier direct selling. However, you have to look at the other side of the coin; namely direct buying. There are a lot of concerns that come up for consumers when they buy direct.

One of the issues is that there is a lot of risk perceived with buying over the Internet. Having to deal with a person never seeing them face to face and having to pay up front, one will only naturally wonder if they are going to become a victim of Internet fraud. I've noticed that many breeders' websites have no means of contact aside from an e-mail address, which does not do a lot for your credibility. Normally, when someone doesn't see a phone number and address, they instantly start looking for somewhere else to buy from.

Jeff, I'm going to pick on you since I'm from BC also so I've been trying to do some research about you. Currently, I'm only looking to buy local, as I'm sure a lot of people do. Had I not found these forums and seen your address here, I wouldn't have known you were in BC and I would have instantly moved on and not considered purchasing from you.

Now, not only do you have to have this contact information, but you also have to be available for someone to talk to. A consumer isn't going to feel any better about having a phone number to call when all they get is an answering machine. However, when you do have the machine on, make sure you identify yourself clearly, and say when you will be available so the customer can call back in case they don't feel comfortable leaving a message. The quicker the response, the better. After all, this is pre-sale contact; if the customer can't get a hold of you before they fork over their money, how can they hope to get a hold of you afterwards in case something goes wrong? Picking on Jeff again, I e-mailed you last friday but I still haven't heard back from you :P

I understand that there's probably a lot of egg-laying going on this time of year, and you're probably pretty busy, but the longer you take to get back to me, the more appealing it becomes to order hogg isle boas and ackies from someone else, even if they aren't local to me :P
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