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That's my husband to a T. He complains on occasion, ($$$$$). Sometimes it's frustrating. I love my critters and enjoy them very much. It would be nice if he could share in that with me. He once held some of my snakes and geckos to please me. It looked like he was holding a bomb - lol.

On the other hand, it's nice to have something that is my own. He has hobbies that I'm not interested in. When he complains, I just remind him about money that he has spent on the things he enjoys.

We just do our best to respect eachother. I always talk to him about money that I am going to spend. We also talk about the animal's behaviour, requirements, size etc. I find that if I educate him and make him a part of the decision, he is a lot less resentful in the end.

His famous line, "I am happy to see them at the zoo. Once is enough for me" - LOL!!!
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