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I agree that it is wrong but honestly after our 5 bunnies were torn apart and left all over our back yard my DH was seriously considering putting out Dog food with poison in it. Our cat also stays inside but she has escaped as well and there are many here that run loose, I wouldn't kill a cat that was ruining my yard but I would set traps and dump it at the pound and let them do it. A dog on the other hand that can rip my 2 cages apart and leave my rabbits torn apart in my yard is not something I'm willing to grab and throw into my van and take to the pound either and city bylaws do nothing about it, unless you call them right when you see the animal and they still have to get there before the animal has gotten back home. Anyone who touched my animals in my yard or home would get a severe beating and had my husband caught the dog that did this to our bunns it would be dead, plain and simple. The rule with any animal, controlled and contained.
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