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Unhappy thanx for the tips guys

thanx to all of your least i have a new found hope in getting my bp back.and HeatherK,thanx for ur post.will certainly check my speakers and amps thoroughly again.have a few in my room.studied sound engineering.might even look in my HTS woofer.

oh heatherK,she was due for a shed.wat i'm really worried is that she might have gone down the water outlet in my bath.her tank is next to my bath.and to make matters worse,the bath got clooged everytime i took a shower and then a couple of days ago it was all ok.

my friend that sold me the bp is a breeder of king cobras and other snakes but he imports his bp's.could really use his help cos the 1st time she got out was a few months back and he was really calm when i told him about it.all he said was look under the pile of laundry.and guess wat?there she was.

but he is really busy with shows and his new farm that i cant even get a hold of i'm just holding my breath and keeping fingers and anything else crossed.i haven't tried leaving mice/rats around coz i've also got a persian cat and i dont want it gobbling up food left for my bp.

pls keep posting....really appreciate all the help and tips given. thanx again.
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