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Yup... now it's time for CFL season. GO STAMPS GO!

I got this email, apparently posted on, and I thought I'd share:

<font color="red">I bought The Hockey News Season Preview this year. The expected finish position for the Flames 2003-04: 14th in the West. Well, we showed them.

We showed the naysayers by making the playoffs for the first time in 8 years. The Flames gave this city something to cheer for Ė to rally behind.
We let them know we were for real when we defeated Vancouver in the first round. The Calgary Flames take down the Northwest Division Champions.
We surprised a veteran Detroit team in the second round. Our Flames stand victorious over the Presidents Trophy winners.
We opened the eyes of the league when we took down San Jose in the third round. The boys in red defeat the Pacific Division champions and win the Western Conference.
Finally, we took the top team in the East to seven games before falling valiantly.

Now, what do we have to be ashamed of? Our C of Red and the Red Mile are known across the continent. Despite all the injuries and adversity, the Flames were 1 win away from hoisting the Stanley Cup.

So Iím sitting here in my Flames jersey, the day after our defeat, asking all Calgarians Ė donít take down your car flags! Letís show our pride for our boys for the weeks and months to come. They were never supposed to get this far, but theyíve given us an abundance of memories that wonít soon fade. </font>

Now that I did my rant in my previous post, I have to say this... I am a bandwagon jumper, I admit it. But I'm also a born and bred Calgarian. I have NEVER been prouder of that fact. Some would say that hockey is just a game, but let me tell you... after walking the red mile after game 3 and almost having blisters on my hands from high 5'ing about 4000 complete strangers, and after seeing an entire city practically painted red, I have to tell you, this is not just a game... it's a symbol of pride. I haven't watched a hockey game in about 6 years, but the Flames have made a born again fan outta me.

- Ken LePage
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