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Originally posted by ReptiliansDOTca
The puck clearly crossed the line with further examinations of the replays .
It did??? Had it 'cleary' crossed the line, it would have been a goal.. The video replay judges view everything WHILE the play is going on, and had the video been conclusive, when the play was stopped, it would have been called a goal, and Calgary would have won.. HOWEVER, the ONLY angle they had that showed it 'over' the line, was from the FRONT of the net.. You can't possibly tell me that you can see the puck CROSS the line from that angle.. Notice there hasn't been any pics of it crossing the line from the TOP of the net?? (if there are, i've not seen them on the net or on any sports channels) The crossbar was blocking the puck, and from looking down, the crossbar, blocks the goal line.. It was a very close call, but it wasn't conclusive..

I think this series was ref'd very well on both sides.. Hits from behind are what killed Calgary in the long run.. And that last call on Ference, was clearly a highstick.. Which again, will be called everytime.. Calgary might not have won the cup, but they definatly won the respect of everyone in the league and that series was a great thing for hockey fans across the globe.. Hopefully they'll look at this years playoffs and come to a conclusion on the CBA very soon, could you imagine a year without this?? I mean honestly, what sports playoffs are more exciting then the NHL's? MLB??
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