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Shall i give my acceptance speech??

First off, i would like to thank everyone who was cheering for Calgary and picked Iginla over Marty St Louis, for if it wasn't for you guys, i never would have finished in 1st overall.. Honorable mentions go out to those of you who chose Calgary's goaltending over Tampa's, for without you guys, none of this would have been possible.. Last, but not least, i would like to thank Nick Chapman (Chappy) for missing out on the first round, if not for this, i wouldn't be standing here before you guys.. LOL.. Was there any doubt??? :P

Jen, you're still a bandwagon Jumper, i hope your ankles are okay from jumping on and off the, Leafs, Habs, Nucks and Flames wagons.. But oh yeah, you coudln't have cheered for Ottawa had they been in the final right?
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