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Hubby vs Iguana: age old one spouse not liking your herps


4yr old iguana, 4 ft long, with a strong bite.
poops in tub.

6'1 male.
stated " can we not have one bathroom without lizard stuff in it, including lizards "
response recieved: " ok dear ".


Iguana does the "poopy dance".
Iguana is grabbed and headed to the tub.
Tub is filled with herp stuff waiting to be washed.
No room for iguana.
Rush into master bdrm.
The 6'1 complaintant in bathroom shaving.
Statement " sorry the other one is full"
Plop iguana in tub and let her do her job.

Complaintant stomps off


I had to try soooooo hard to not laff. I found the whole event extremely funny Hubby however did not appreciate it much

No matter what I do, there is no way to include him in my herp keeping. He will not even show a remote interest or anything. All he contributes is b ! tching about how much $ spent on lizard food, will not whack a rat, complains bout the hydro even though I do all I can to minimize that ( taking my UV reptiles outside, which shuts off 2x100W flood bulbs, 2 x 48" UV bulbs 40W ea. , 1 x 20W UV bulb, 1 x 65W flood, and 1 x 18W UV bulb )( that's quite a chunk of savings ), I don't ask him to do anything at all. I spend a good chunk of my day and night tending to the critters ( NO i am not complaining, I love my critters ), and don't ask him to do squat. Sure I'd love the help, but I know he doesn't like em.

It is so frustrating ya know.
I get eyes rolled at me for the amount of time I spend with them, but no offer to help which would decrease the time spent.......
I do things he likes but I don't.


done venting.
Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with stupidity
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