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Breeders in this case (sellers in general) are not in charge of the value of the product, price is set by market demand, it's not an arbitrary number picked out of the air by the producer,
In this case yes, but not in all cases. Pieds were determined solely by the seller (Pete K.) when they first debuted. He could have charged $20,000, $15,000, whatever, but he charged $25,000. HE set that price. Ralph set the price of his Lesser Platty's and Corey set the price of the Red Axanthic complex. When you produce the only game around, its YOUR choice, and not the market. Obviously the market would't bare a $100,000 but within reason, a seller can charge what the seller wants. Not every breeder is antsy-pantsy to get rid of baby snakes within 4 weeks of hatching/birthing. Some have no trouble keeping them for 6 months or a year or longer if they don't get the price they deserve/want. I like those kind of breeders best! LOL!
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