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My whole point was that the idea of any animal or any product at all being "too expensive" or "too cheap" is a bit silly.

Breeders in this case (sellers in general) are not in charge of the value of the product, price is set by market demand, it's not an arbitrary number picked out of the air by the producer, as much as the sell might like it he doesn't have that power. If that were the case then albino burms would still go for $5000 instead of the $150 or so they go for now.

The same applies on the low end. Maybe some breeders have no problem selling a clutch of amel corns for $70 each say, but if some have trouble moving them out because of market saturation all they can do is lower their price to compete. Better to sell them quick at $50 instead than to pay to keep and feed them while you hold out for more.

As more and more people breed the same animal the price will continue to fall, there is no way to prop up the price so that they don't become "disposable" eventually. The only thing that will slow the fall in prices is a reduction in the supply. In other words, if you are getting frustrated that other breeders are selling what you've got below what you feel is the "right" price you should take it as a sign that it's time to start working with something else that's a little more exclusive.

The good news is there will always be a new morph or new variety to go on to and at first the prices will be sky high, get in on it as soon as you can and get out of it before it's not worth it any more. No one can control the prices, all you can do is roll with them whether you're the breeder or the hobbyist.
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