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I agree with the price and location being mandatory, as I've been very interested in some things, email the person and find out they are in the middle of nowhere, and it's going to cost almost 3X the animals worth in shipping.. thanks for wasting my time, but I'll buy something a little different, from someone in the same province. (in the case of something like a beautiful $75 leo, or corn etc. where shipping would cost almost 2-3x that!

I also think that there should be a classifieds forum "Herps for Auction" as some people will always be wanting to not list a price, to see what they can get for it.

I also thing PMs should be removed from classifieds. If you don't have a real email address, you shouldn't be selling stuff. There are tons of free email address providers out there, use one!

As for the being able to reply to ads, that was done in the beginning and had to be removed due to childish stupidity and personal attacks on the sellers. (I known my username was used to lashed out on a seller a time or two.)

The classifieds have been cleaner and CLASSIFIEDS, not DISCUSSION FORUMS since the removal of replies.
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