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Would you guys agree that if some of the higher end animals, not morphs per say, would come down in price it would help to cut down on some of the imports? If no one is buying imports then the importers will stop brining them in right? The snake that comes to mind for this example is the Green Tree Python. If more people could afford them then more people would work with them and breed them making them more accessbible for a reasonable price. A lot of people look at the CB price and the import price and they go for the import. Emeralds are the same if not worse, especially in the US market.
On a final note I really thought the comment about when was the last time you saw a rescue Woma was priceless. It does seem to be the case that cheap herps are impulse and expendable herps. There wouldn't be so many unwanted burms out there if they were $7,500 instead of $75. Well I guess I'm kinda all over the place with this post but please try and take something out of it.
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