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And my 2 cents....even professionals have problems with these situations. I worked at a pet store years back - the store sold puppies (I won't even go into how that makes me feel in retrospect), and one night a brother & sister came in, with a middle aged women they said was their mother.

They bought a puppy, the "mother" signed all the papers/contract, they paid cash (the kids actually handed me the cash)....2 days later, on my day off, the boss calls me at home....the "mother" was a next-door neighbor, the kids' parents didn't know they'd bought a puppy, the kids were keeping it in a box in their room, and the REAL parents just wanted that @#$@#$ dog OUT OF THEIR HOUSE and their kids' money back!

Of course, we had to do a return/refund....VERY happy parents, the next-door neighbor "mother" denied being in on it (even tho her signature was all over the papers, she said the kids must have forged it), and the puppy was returned to the store covered in lice eggs! Which of course meant more money out the door in vet bills...much less the stress the puppy had been under.....

We even had parents wanting to return tropical fish their kids had bought....

There are a lot of very responsible, intelligent young animal lovers out there (I have 3 of my own), but....I think you did the sensible thing, both legally and for the welfare of your animals.
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