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Yes, is people want lower prices, then they should get off their damn a$$e$ and start producing something themselves. Funny thing is, when these people actually start to produce something (anything), watch how many of them will advocate a less price. Yes. Exactly 0% of them. I guarantee it.
That's a VERY good point Jeff.

While I would love to have even an Albino Ball I most definately can't afford the 3K ish to buy one but if I did you'd better believe that i'd want a signifigant chunk of that back if I did breed them.

I do think that a lot of 'low end' herps are sold for much too little $$. Any kid can save up $50 to buy a Leo and treat it poorly but no one in their right mind would buy a $3K Albino Ball and house it improperly or 'forget' to feed it.

Hrm, i'm giving you props twice in one thread... I believe my little corner of the world must be coming to an end. Who knows, before long I might actually start LIKING you!
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