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Originally posted by djc3674

BUT..if it were for the true love of the hobby, you would not see the outlandish prices for some of the reptiles out there. For instance..on another site there are Type II Albino Retics for $7,500-$15,000. That is completely nuts IMO. Those kinds of prices make it almost impossible for the average person to enjoy keeping as a pet.
I can't afford to pay that for an animal either but you can't blame the breeders for that, if anything breeders are what will eventually make an obscure variety of animal available for people to own.

At first new varieties will be so rare that the prices will be out of reach for anyone who isn't already a money making breeder. From there it's simple supply and demand, everyone wants the newest morph going but at first there aren't many to go around.

The rest of us just have to wait until everyone and his brother starts breeding them and as the number of them grows out there this will drive the price down.

Personally I hope a million ghost boas are born this year in the Toronto area alone, maybe I could have one then...just think I could make hets! lol!
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