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It's not just hockey that sucks either.

Football sucks.
Baseball sucks.
Basketball sucks.

They're not sports, they're mega-corporations that deal more with image, profits, and marketing than skill.

The players have all become greedy, spoiled children because of the attitude as well.
To say that they are mega-corporations who make loads of money through profits and image, would be fair. However to say that the players have no skill is wrong.

Then when a team wins people flood out into the street in that city screaming "We did it!" as though the heat generated by their collective asses on the couch somehow catapulted the local team to victory.
I sometimes think something along the same lines, but obviously you are not a sports fan :P. It is for mere enjoyment of the sport that we celebrate wins, and cheer for certain teams. After all, it is our support which is getting and has got them to where they are.
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