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I'll go with the conspiracy theory LOL We couldn't have 100,000 people partying in the streets on Saturday now could we? Despite goals that were called or not we don't even care. Even if the NHL gets their way & Calgary loses (not likely LOL) we will still have a bigger party than Tampa Bay has ever seen (or will ever see). Remember the FLAMES finished last the previous season, didn't make the playoffs & still were given a standing ovation despite the fact by their fans as they left the ice. No matter what happens CALGARY WILL ROCK LOUDER & PROUDER cause it ain't all about Hockey, its called HEART & we got the Biggest Baddest ones in the world. NUFF SAID Mark
P.S. whats Tampa having to hand out for free at the next game to get people to cheer for them LOL GFG
P.P.S. GFG also stands for GORGEOUS FAN GIRLS! LOL
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