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Originally posted by paul vader
I'm not sure if everyone saw the re-play of the chance Calgary had at the end of the third, but I saw it this morning and the puck to me clearly crossed the goal line as Khabibulin's right toe dragged over the goal line with the puck crossing into the net...we weren't listening to the game so I don't know if they even went upstairs but if they did...(I got glasses they can have!!!) too bad....GAME 7 Flames 3 Bolts 2

The league said they found the video re-plays "inconclusive" I have to wonder How many camera angles did they check...?

that was taken from the CBC site today...sorry Calgary....
The puck, in that replay, clearly did cross the line but they only had that one camera angle to prove it. The league rules state(I think) that you need to camera angles to prove the goal. There was only one and therefor it was not counted.

Hockey DOES NOT SUCK! I HATE to watch it. I havent even ever watched a WHOLE hockey game. But I play the game myself. I love to play it.

Im cheering for calgary because it would be nice to see the cup in canada again, but either way, I dont really care.

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