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Its not a matter of "bandwagon" jumping .... its supporting your country.. Yes both teams have a bunch of canadians, euros, and unfortunately a few americans .... but by Calgary making it to the cup against ALL odds must show something. I am a dedicated leafs fan, but when they got booted out ... I cheered for Calgary. Though I have been watching calgary playoffs since the begining against vancouver, I am a dedicated leafs fan. Call it what you want, but I dont see anything wrong with supporting your countries teams ...unless its Ottawa .... I hate when true canadian hockey fans (a leafs fan, or oilers fan etc) start to instantly sport hats, jerseys etc of an american team.... Thats Bandwagon jumping.. Call it my double standard if you wish.... Bottom line - I enjoy hockey, my team got booted out in the second round, so I routed for Calgary.... I dont have hats, jerseys, or anything else other than the blue and white, but I enjoy the game ...whats wrong with that
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