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That's a tough one, Dunner

Rescuing is a way, way better option than buying a mass-farmed pet store iglet or a wild caught, but it is getting VERY tough to ship iguanas. I'm in the process of rescuing one that is just one state to the right of me, and we cannot get any of the overnight carriers except the US Postal Service to agree to take it, and I'm not happy with their track record of truly getting packages to the receiver overnight. I'm eager to get this little guy or gal but have decided to wait until our current stormy weather is over before trusting the little dude to the post office.

Are you looking for a full-grown adult, a wiggly baby green iglet, somewhere in between, or no strong preference? Iglets, being so small, are much easier to ship but do not handle fall and winter temps all that well since they have no body fat. It can get expensive shipping a full grown iguana because most carriers will charge by the large size of the box, rather than the fact that it only weighs maybe 15 pounds at most. And that's if you can find a shipper who will accept live animals.

I'll put out some feelers and see if I can find anyone in Canada who is shipping and let you know.
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