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Personally I don't give a rat's arse about pics in an ad because, as anyone who has taken pictures of their own animals knows, pictures don't usually give an accurate representation. Either know that you can buy the animal sight unseen or insist on having the animal in your hands to inspect before committing to buying it, pictures aren't going to help anything.

Only an idiot would place an ad without CLEARLY stating their location, province and nearest city, but I think that should go without saying. But hey, maybe they forgot, who knows? Can't make a deal without knowing this kind of information though.

What is way worse in my mind is neglecting to include an asking price. And when the fool instead writes "make an offer" you know he didn't forget, he's just wasting your time. READ THE DAMNED NAME OF THE FORUM! It says "snakes FOR SALE", not "snakes up for bid" or "snakes I might sell but I don't know, I guess it depends on how much money I could get for it, well maybe I'll sell it, email me and see". For sale means you are selling it, not auctioning it off, not tendering friggin bids! If you don't know how much money you want/need/expect for the animal, sit and bloody think about it for a bit THEN come back and place your ad. It's your animal, you ought to know what it's worth.

Delete ads without locations or without prices? Sure why not, but I have another idea, a new section of the classifieds devoted entirely to displaying stupid or "incomplete" ads.

The mods could just shift any of this sort of clutter over to the new forum where, unlike with the real ads, other members would be allowed to respond to them in any way they saw fit. You could try to extract the necessary information if you wanted to or just ridicule the poor fool instead. I think this would not only clean up the classifieds, but it would be fun to finally be able post what we are now only able to shout at our monitors.
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