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Originally posted by JeffT
Hey Mike, I was actually considering getting into Either Spider geckos or Namibs. Just curious though, If I were to approach you would you have a problem selling to me?
(Why do I feel like this is opening a can o' worms).

Yes, I would have a problem but I will explain why. Before I began selling reptiles - and keep in mind I don't sell many - I made it my own policy not to sell to any minors under any circumstances. Well, there are actually two exceptions: 1) I know the minor personally and trust him, or 2) I communicated through phone/email/etc., trusted the minor's abilities and met with a parent at the time of sale. Of course this means I would only sell to a local minor customer. The deciding reason I decided not to sell to the minor who I started this thread about is because of point 2. He was a seemingly knowledgeable person aside from a few things he said that confused me. But there was no way I would be able to meet a parent, trust it was a parent, or otherwise know I was speaking to a legitimate guardian without meeting face to face. The only reason I even stopped to think was that I believed in the kid and debated my own policy.

I know people sell animals to minors all the time and I know there are many minors in the business but this is a policy I have made and if I don't stick to it, my value as a "breeder/seller" is worthless. I may be the only person who feels this way but I'm not a business. I'm just a guy with a website and the occasional extra animal to sell. Will I lose potential buyers this way? Sure. But I'd rather lose them now than lose the animal and the money when an angry parent demands the money back.
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