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Re: Harry Potter

Well, first off, don't judge me guys - I'll read anything.
I have read these books numerous times with young family members and on my own time (call it a fixation with "pop-culture" if you will).
I have a few points to address before I see the movie (I will be going tomorrow with my neice).

Originally posted by Thorn07
Sooo many things were just skipped over in the movie from the book
Uh huh... Of course parts will be glossed over and condensed, that is why they have screenplay writers - the written word does not transfer to other mediums as easily as it might appear. There is a lot of information in Prisoner of Azkaban and in order to fit it into an appropriate length of time numerous parts will invariably be excised. There is not a single adapted movie out there that contains everything the book had in it. I, personally, would not want to sit through a 10-hour movie just so they could cover all bases.

Originally posted by Thorn07
if you havent read the book I doubt you would even be able to grasps the meaning of many things mentioned and the overall plot
Great! I hate movies that feel the need to "hold everyone's hand." Perhaps people will have to pay attention and think for this movie (or perhaps go out and read the book).

Originally posted by Thorn07
not to mention the obvios mistakes that were made in filming, at one point snape uses a modern projector screen and fountains have modern pumps that are plainly obvios
Not sure what you are getting at here. It's not like spotting a Metallica t-shirt in Titanic. These books occur in the present, in which we use said devices.

Originally posted by Thorn07
The new dumbledore is just way to diffrient in personality to the original, yet it more to the descriptio of the book.
Michael Gambon and everyone involved with this movie had it as their intention to avoid mimicking Richard Harris' performance, it is in an actor's nature to play a character as he/she interprets him/her. Incidentally, Richard Harris was a horrible Dumbledore in my opinion, he did not do the character justice - however good his performance was. Dumbledore is full of dry-wit and tongue-in-cheek humour, Harris failed to capture this (in my opinion).

Originally posted by Thorn07
the new director just doesnt live up to the expectations of true HP fans!!!
I'll let you know tomorrow

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