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Well, last night I typed up a very long reply to this thread. When I went to post it, I had been signed out already and lost everything I typed.

Anyways the site with the laws is - it is the provincial reptile club’s website. The club has just had an influx of new members, as well as a minor change in directorship.

Anyways, in the laws, notice they restrict snakes of the family boidae. While it has been argued by some that many colubrids are “constrictors”, only boas and pythons are restricted in Saskatchewan, by law.

The laws may change soon, I have been told of the new draft. No pythons and boas are being deregulated unfortunately.

The whole Saskatchewan Environment department got some major cuts, and the is being restructured. The guy who used to be in charge is no longer in charge, and this can only be a good thing for our chances to keep some boidae in Saskatchewan.

Last time I discussed the laws with that guy, he said no boas or pythons would ever be deregulated because they felt the government could be held liable if anything ever happened after reversing a ban.

I also know, that hognose snakes are restricted from keeping on the new draft of the law – and that they denied an import permit for some to someone in province last month (before the restructuring).

From the attitude of the guy who was in charge, we should feel lucky to keep any reptile or exotic animal – as he did not agree with it. Really, the only reptiles restricted at all right now are boidae and venomous. If a person was successful getting the laws changed for small boidae – there would probably be less than 10 somewhat common small species you could keep anyways, and they’d be sure to restrict many more species of things we can currently keep legally.

I know I am probably forgetting a lot of things that were in my original, but hopefully this helps answer some questions.

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