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Originally posted by CDN-Cresties
Awesome game, the Flames deserved to win, much like game 4. Go Flames Go, bring the cup back to Canada!!!

The Flames got lucky. Tampa was dominating for most of the third period and most of overtime. The Tampa defense was shutting the Flames down almost every possession. I'm no Tampa fan, I just call it how I see it.

Kipper got lucky when that one shot hit him before he saw it coming. That one should have been a goal. The Tampa player missed the open half of the net.

Credit to Jerome (from the Edmonton area, b.t.w.) and the Flames for capitalizing in OT though. It really looked like Tampa was going to score eventually because they were all over the Flames in OT.

I'm a die-hard Oiler fan and I still live by the ABC credo. Anybody But Calgary. There are way too many of those stupid car flags here in E-town. If the places were reversed, I would not expect the red fans to cheer for the Oilers.

I was hoping that Game 7 would be on Tuesday. But alas it's on Monday. I would have cheered for the Flames then because I will be down in Cowtown for the Global Petroleum Show, on Tuesday. Oh, well.

Boo Flames
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