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A nice service for rescue operations

For a long time now, I've been seeing online vendors for clothing, books, etc. have wishlist services so that folks can buy specifically wanted items as presents for friends and relatives.

I run a small reptile rescue operation and thought that a wishlist for rescues looking for specific supplies would be a terrific service and threw the idea out to some of the online vendors I use.

<a href="">Reptile Depot</a> bit on the idea and is in the process of creating a wishlist for my little rescue. They are quite willing to make them for other rescue operations as well. Since they are located in California, there might be shipping charges involved for Canadian rescues, but they have kindly waived shipping for me as I am in the US. They have also offered their reduced Club Depot pricing to all donors, even if they haven't bought the membership.

I just thought other rescues might want to know this service exists.:w
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