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We looked into getting a permit or some way of being authorized to keep our boids when we knew we would be moving to Saskatchewan last year (with lots of help from Ryan and Sheila at Scales).

It is basically not possible for anyone with a personal collection, even of small and harmless boids. The regulations require that you operate a fully functional zoo, with public access and subject to inspections. It pretty much requires a diverse collection, not just one or two species, along with all the paperwork involved.

There was no flexibility in the system - and believe me, we tried. The only option that we didn't pursue to the fullest was retaining some ownership on our animals and getting an already established zoo in the city we were moving to, that would agree to display them as part of their collection - just not a choice we were comfortable with because inexperienced people would be working with them there.

Our conclusion was to place our carpet pythons and boas with other breeders here in Alberta - no way it was worth the risk of losing them there - just not much fun to have animals you have to hide and worry about losing.

We will be relocating to Regina in 2005 and hope to work more actively with H.I.S.S. once we are there - with any luck and more dedicated reptile owners working at it, some of the laws can be modified - Ryan and Sheila have made a very good start by raising the profile already.

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