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Web design ads = grrrr.

Maybe this isn't the appropriate venue to bring this up, but it's really annoying to see all these "web designers" popping up, with a listing of features they offer, and price listings from the hundreds to thousands of dollars. (Invictus, you can ignore this )

But I've yet to see a single portfolio showing previous projects. Before anyone starts talking about being able to design sites worth more than a thousand bucks, they better have something to show they can do it.

Especially since I've only seen a couple of "professional" quality sites that would rate that kind of payment. And one of them was done by a member of the breeder's family.

Before you commit to a design or features for a set price, run it by someone who is familiar with site design or tools. Heck, if you pop by the sSnakeSs chat, I'll help you figure out what you'll need for free.

And no, I'm not a site designer, nor will I design your site for you. But I'm familiar with design, tools, scripting, and administration, and can help you figure out if you really need the bells, whistles, or even garbage that you may be paying for.

And if I save you from spending some money that you didn't have to spend, donate a bit of it to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation or another charity.
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