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That was actually my main concern here, in that I had two negative posts with me on the BOI. Actually, only one where I felt I was actually in the wrong, but that is another story, and myself and the individual in question are now associates.

But then I thought to myself, why should I let someone take advantage of me, because of a mistake I made and already paid for? And paid for in a big way. People make mistakes, and the biggest part about that is that they stand up to them and correct them, which I have done.

In this case however, I have every peice of documented information that I could possibly need. I will make a few quotes from chat logs (I have edited his name so that this post may remain):

[06:01:42 PM] David: i have a logo done and everything
[06:01:47 PM] David: its awesome
[06:01:58 PM] ******: can i see it?
[06:02:02 PM] David: of course
[06:03:09 PM] ****** is it up or do you need to send it through
[06:04:13 PM] Transfer of "bhlogo.jpg" is complete.
[06:05:37 PM] ******: Looks really cool
[06:05:41 PM] David: thanks
[06:05:59 PM] David: so whats going to happen here, can you still take the layout?
[06:06:26 PM] ******: well we need to figure out if we can work
something out
[06:06:35 PM] David: for sure
[06:06:39 PM] David: what did you have in mind
[06:07:47 PM] ******: i wanted to go with just (insert domain name here)
[06:07:56 PM] David: I can switch it to that as well
[06:07:59 PM] David: thast not a problem
[06:09:46 PM] ******: ok
[06:09:59 PM] David: either way, (insert domain name here) isnt a problem either
[06:10:34 PM] ******: cool
[06:10:58 PM] ******: the other problem is that I don't know how much i can afford
[06:11:50 PM] David: well I can be flexible here, I said (price of work here)?
[06:11:58 PM] ******: i believe so
[06:12:09 PM] David: well, you can pay (I said the number value of 50% of the total) now, we will put the site up
[06:12:15 PM] David: then i dont mind waiting a few months for the remainder
[06:12:19 PM] ******: i do know some html and i'm ok with front page and stuff, so i could probably do the maintanence
[06:12:35 PM] David: I wouldn't charge anything for maintenance if you needed assistance
[06:13:53 PM] ******: what if we make it an even (he said the price we discussed minus another $50.00)? I have $80 in my paypal account i could pay you now
[06:14:19 PM] David: We could do that, how long do you think until the remaining (remaining amount of money due after the $80.00) is paid?
[06:15:01 PM] ******: i could do it within 3 months
[06:15:04 PM] ******: probably sooner
[06:15:31 PM] ******: i'm listing some stuff on ebay soon, so I can just send you the money when the auctions end
[06:17:27 PM] ******: what do you think?
[06:22:08 PM] ******: you there?
[06:29:26 PM] David: hey sorry
[06:29:31 PM] David: thats fine.
[06:29:38 PM] David: As long as it isnt a century of waiting, you know
[06:29:50 PM] ******: don't worry
[06:30:08 PM] David: ok thats fine then
None the less, as you see it was finalized, and the money was sent. As you can see, I was extremely compliant and considerate. I did not have to lower the price, cut him a deal, or accept payment plans, as this is not what we discussed in PM's through this site. I did however, and now this is what I am given in return.
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