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Re-issue the work done (logo, whatever), with an invoice stating what was requested, what has been completed, and what has been cancelled.

Work completed cannot be "undone" as the time was already invested, should be accountable as money owed.

If the logo was approved, then you should receive the value applied to it in dialog with the purchaser.

--separate note to those seeking to buy or sell services for the first time--

This sort of thing turns up on the BOI quite a lot, because one or both people haven't done any business transactions before other than purchasing an over the counter item.

When doing business with someone, get multiple contacts for that person. Email is very unreliable these days, due to filters, IP blackouts from bogus spam reports, spam density, etc.

Establish ahead of time what expectations are, how payments should be made, and what avenues are available should the transaction fail.

It's business. As the purchaser of the goods or service, you have just as much responsibility as the seller. Changing your mind partway through a deal will impact you whether you like it or not.

And keep a cool head. A minor problem can flare up into a heated battle quickly if you let it.
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