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Unhappy what can I do?

well the other day, I was at a local pet shop looking around, mostly in their reptile section. Well I looked down at the pink swifts. I didn't see any so I asked the people if I can see it, so they held it up. What did I see? I lizard which didn't evan look like a pink swift which had a broken tail and its scales were mess up. That wasn't the end. I noticed that their bearded dragon has a broken arm and seems to have mbd. After seeing these sick herps, I asked the lady some guestions, why are you guys selling a swift with a broken tail and a dragon with a broken arm, do you guys know what calcium and vitamins are, and why are you guys not doing anything about this? the lady looked at me, then snap her gum, and said we got them like that and I don't know.... at this point in my head i was thinking, waw these people are retards!

My question is, what can I do to save these animals, except for buying them ?

p.s. they also had the wrong setup for the herps!! lol
John Nguyen
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