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Hi all,

I have a problem, got 2 new adoptees about 10 days ago, sav monitor, and a jungle carpet ptython
yesturday noticed that the pyton had mites, spent all night treating him and redoing tank also i did sav monitor for good measure.(they are next to each other)spent hours doing this) In 20 yrs never had to deal with these mites(they are red) i woke this morning and checked on them (my pets) and sure enough the python had 2 running on his head!!! what would you suggest
i do now? is there a good spray or treatment that i may not know of that isnt going to hurt the reptiles? i use a betadine wash to wash them in, broke down tanks scrubbed them out with a bleach and water solution, then rewashed everything2 times
to make sure it was really clean ,put new substat in ,washed all rocks, logs and dishes .
Thank you vfor any feedback.
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