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Great post Tony. All the hard work will pay off, trust me.

If im selling a 500 dollar snake, whats 20 bucks I mean if you cant pay the extra 20 bucks to ensure that the animal gets there safely and my time and effort to make sure the animal is quality than they probably cant afford the reptile
Ok, why stop there? What about a $400 dollar animal? What about a $50 dollar animal? Where's the grey area. If you're going to make a fixed dollar amount where it should be covered, what is the amount? Is the amount the same for all breeders? Is the amount the same for all countries and/or territories? Its easy to say "ahhhhh,...what's twennny bucks"? Indeed, what is 20 dollars. But what if you ship 60 times a year? That's $1200. It starts to add up.

But I think the general consensus is that its a cost of production, even though it falls long after production and occurs AFTER the sale. And that's fine, because that's the way its always been.

Thanks for the replies guys, keep 'em coming. Couple more and we'll be in the Top 10 threads!!

Great post, again, Tony.
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