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Im sad to say my father is like this, not to a viscious extreme, but in his brain, if a snake is in your yard, you kill it. He wouldnt do it in a cruel way, thank goodness, but he doesnt seem to have much empathy towards them, either. He just told me he killed one the other day. I dont know what it was, he said it was the weirdest looking snake he had ever seen (and growing up in the country we have seen a lot, at least those native to SE USA) He said it was black with rings around it, and it jumped at him, so naturally, he killed it. Makes me sad, but I cant change the man. I do wonder what it was he killed.

But for all the anti-snake people out there, there are people like the people on these boards, helping to keep the balance.

That, at least, is something to smile about. I do wish there were more legitimately educational programs about snakes on, though.

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