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Question bad rep, no wonder!!

I was watching this program on Tv tonight, on the national geographic channel. First off the segment was called natures nightmares and was all about cotten mouths. So right away i was like, c'mon! lol. So they were showing how people have expanded our living area's and now we are invading into their territory.

So get a load of this guy! He bought a house, surrounded by around 2 river systems that are filled with cottenmouths. So you see him saying how he is only trying to protect his family from them. How he does it? By going around his backyard with a freakin shotgun!! You see him just un-loading like 20 shots into the water killing a bunch of cottenmouths. Idiots too, his wife is like we'd move but we really love the area. Well clearly they dont love it if all day they're out shooting cottenmouths...these people make me laugh! And then the guy is talking about how they are invading HIS territory, yet they've been their for what, two weeks..and the cottenmouths, like a million years!! Some people just dont make sense

You guys know people like this?
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