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I agree too Tim. And when you look at it, packing and handling is NOT the cost of YOUR hobby. Its the cost of SOMEONE ELSE'S hobby that YOU have to pay! LOL! But it IS a business cost. and if you breed snakes, it IS the cost of production. At least, it always has been. Feeding, electricity, web-sites, advertising, new purchases, medication, tools (tongs, incubators, hemostats), new cages, shipping containers, cage decor, bedding, time, digital cameras, PO Box, cell phone, business cards, computer, printer, software, facilities, did I mention time?, and many many other costs have to be factored in. This makes a LOT of certain species not viable for breeding for anything other than enjoyment. and there's still LOTS of professional breeders that STILL work with these animals because they LOVE DOING SO, and not for the money. This makes them a hobbyist, AND a business-person.
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