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Katt and Vanan, while I was feeding off of some of your words for my last post, I wasn't trying to imply that you two specifically felt that way. But I have noticed comments like that being made here and there by people and it always irks me. I guess I just chose this moment to speak out…

I may have a medium sized collection (40-50 snakes + offspring) and I do breed or plan to breed the majority of them but if you sat and talked to me about snakes, you would see that business is <b>not</b> the main thing on my mind. It <i>is</i> on my mind but it's far down on the list. With that "business" mentality comes concerns for things like "the costs of doing business" but that DOES NOT mean I care less about my snakes or snakes in general than anyone here. Trust me. It just means I don’t like to throw money away… but I also find it just as easy to write costs like that off as “the cost of having a hobby”.

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