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The way I look at the whole hiking prices thing is this. I also breed dogs. I ask quite a bit for my dogs. It took me two weeks to sell them both. If I would have asked very little for them they would have sold in two days. The point is that they still sold. Yes, it took a little longer. But they still sold. And these people who were willing to pay the price for them understood that they are of quality and I know that because they were willing to pay the price for them they will be well taken care of. Like someone did a study about cheap animals. These people that were only willing to pay a few bucks for them either didnt have the money to put into them or didnt care to because the way they looked at it is that they only paid a bit for them so who cares. If something happens they can just get another one. I'm sorry to talk about dogs in a snake forum but it all stems back to the same idea. Just like when you see a dog in a pet store or a snake for that matter. They are selling them (most of the time) for an outrageous price. And people still pay it. Even tho they don't know where the dog (or snake) came from, the quality of the animal, or for that matter, anything about the animal. Personally I would buy off of the person that could sit me down and tell me something about the animal. Not some pet store that probably cant tell me anything. But thats the way people work and it works so well for pet stores because people come in and see something they like and without even thinking about it or doing any research they buy it. Thats where breeders have a problem or a lot of us anyways. People cant just wander into our store in a mall and say oooooh ooooh i want that and buy it. Impulse buying a lot of the time is rare for a breeder. Its these people that have done the research and seen all these backyard breeders on the net selling extremely low priced animals and wanting everything for nothing. Why can there never be an in between????
Exactly man. When was the last time you saw a rescue Pied or a rescue Blackhead? LOL!

The problem with the easier-to-breed species is that the supply had outstripped the demand, allowing, nay, MAKING the no-name breeders sell the animals for less for fear of being "stuck" with all the babies.

Elementary economics. When supply is greater than demand, the "demanders" can set the price (within reason). And when the demand is greater than the supply, the "suppliers" (breeders) set the price (within reason). Its basic, but it applies. And it applies to snakes and snake breeding.
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