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I'd be extremely disappointed if you couldn't be both.
I think that it's not possible to be a business person and a hobbyist. To survive you have to look at your collection in a different way, than say, a person with 3 cornsnakes. But this is semantics and it doesn't really matter what I think, so you can just skip over the rest of the post, if you like.

As for the connection with the point of this thread. Well, a person with three cornsnakes who is selling one doesn't have the same "cost of business" as a business breeder who sells 300 snakes. Thus, the 3cum2 corn person, can negate a shipping and handling charge of X. This may cause a buyer to buy from them, instead of ABC Corn Breeder. Course one lost sale, isn't a big deal, but if a lot of 3cum2 corn people sell then, ABC is going to feel it, especially if ABC is charging X ontop of Y. So there is incentive for f/t breeders to "swallow" the cost of shipping. This has been said before, but I did hijack the topic so I must tie it all back.

As for being pompous. I'm not sure where you got that feeling Tim. I did not mention anywhere, that there is some sort of "nobility" in being a straight hobbyist than a full time breeder. In fact, if you read a few pages earlier, I wish best of luck to full time breeders b/c it is not something I could due, to the stress of it. So if I struck a nerve of some sort or made anyone feel less b/c they want to make a few bucks, then I'm sorry, that is definitely not my intention. After all, I've used money from snake sales to buy stuff, usually more snakes!

I am enjoying the evolution of this discussion. Good job guys!
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