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I think what Vanan is saying, is that there's a difference between those who keep their hobby as a hobby and lose cash, and those whose hobby starts to pay for other things, like projection sets. Bottom line has little meaning for straight hobbyists, while for others, there needs to be a bottom line.
I think that is fairly obvious, and really is inutitive. Obviously someone who owns 3 snakes and pays to keep them as pets is different than a breeder who produces hundreds. I'm not sure it needs to be pointed out. And I'm not sure that the hobbyist, other than from a customer-standpoint, even factors into this discussion. Do they? If so, where? The topic what should the packing and handling of reptiles be subsidized by the sale of them? Not whether or not there's a difference between someone who keeps a leo gecko in an aquarium compared to a large-scale breeder. I don't get the connection?
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