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Herps in Victoria

i know this is the wronge forum but trying to start a club on the club listing area just doesnt seem to be attracting the wanted attention. there were quite a few people intrested but it seemed to die out rather quickly. so maybe here will help. anyone intrested? if so i would like to set up a date to meet and get things going. its about time we had a herp club out this way. oh and im also looking for someone in victoria/saanich/sidney/brentwood aread that would be intrested in herp sitting for me for about 2 weeks at the end of july. all costs for food will be included and a weekly or daily wage can be set up. it would be for one BP, 6 baby bearded dragons and a water dragon. all are very easy to take care of other than the beardies wich require daily attention. i cant afford to pay a professional to take them for the two weeks so i need some help. thanks alot


PS ill have some pics of my beardies soon. just need to charge my camera
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