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I guess what it all boils down to is, if you're primarily a hobbyist or a businessperson. *ducks*
I'd be extremely disappointed if you couldn't be both. If they were mutually exclusive, then I think the whole thing would just collapse. No way "regular" people would fill the void that dedicated breeders are filling right now.

I agree Julie. Trying to get all the breeders on the same page though? Ha ha I think it'd be easier to double clutch a Boelen's Python, LOL! Aside from short-sighted, always-in-need-of-funds-type of breeders, a lot of breeders simply don't get along (a true shame) and almost seem to screw each other over out of spite! Even if it hurts themselves!

And because of this, its become a buyer's market in a HUGE way.

Great post though!!
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