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I must say Jeff, you've certainly "kicked it up a notch" in here! I like it. I think I should try to drum up some chatter in other forums LOL Thanks for the compliments btw, But honestly I just like the term "flogged" and tried really hard to use it in a post.........

Yes Katt, people certainly don't NEED reptiles, but as pretty much all of us know once you're hooked, you're hooked. I am fairly certain that if people went to shows and saw that everything was a few dollars more, or that breeders weren't giving out "deals on multiples" that they'd be pretty P***** about it, but they'd come back the second day after checking out pet store prices and what not, and would be willing to pay that little extra.

If breeders, big or small, would charge more then the market would certainly bend. In fact, there would be no market without breeders. (Many would say there's no market without buyers, but what exactly is to be bought if nothing is created?) WE determine the market, most of us just choose not to.

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