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I hear what you're saying guys, but hike the price all you want. People need gas to get to work, but people certainly do not need reptiles. Buyers will still dictate what you will sell at.

If I may recall albino whitesided ratsnakes. Easily one of the most expensive north american colubrids a couple years ago. Selling at $1200, no one wanted to buy. Prices dropped all over b/c no one was buying. Now they've settled in price and it's a heck of a lot less than $1200.

I think a lot has to do with popularity. Balls are popular, people know you can make money on them, so people spend money on them. However I dare not say to anyone, invest in an albino hognose, b/c frankly, you're not going to see returns on it, in Canada.

Sure breeders don't have to follow the market, but then, how will you make your money. In Canada you have the option to sell to the States, but, what if you're already an American?

As for $20 animals, I can understand, that yes, that's pretty darn cheap for a living creature, but there are so many corns, and leo's and etc, that people got to move them and the way to move them is to sell them cheap. Now we could say stop breeding, but that hasn't worked very well for cats and dogs, now has it?
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