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Ask the other breeders if you wanna know. When I was a youngin', before I attended my first show, it was on the advice of two large breeders attending the same show, and another large breeder NOT attending the show (or any show). I noticed it with other breeders (nor corns and leos mind you). I saw lower quality mid-range animals ($200-$500) being sold at a PREMIUM. The 6 shows that I've attended were like that.

Not sure why its such a point of interest, but ok. I wasn't ignoring it, I was just trying to make sure that I replied to everyone who actually acknowledged my original thread topic. There was a LOT of people replying and I was more concerned with making sure I touched base with them. If you were such a Curious George, why didn't you just email or PM. I answer my emails every day. Just ask around.
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