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Who's to say anything if that's the case. But it was our opinion, which I thought was implied. The dude and I thought that animals should be worth more than what they are being sold/traded for. No one is to say who's "right" about it. I think that living things that take time and effort to propogate and keep healthy should be more than $20 (corns, leo geckos, certain frogs, etc etc). Its my opinion.

I think that certain morphs are over-priced, but many will disagree. Who's right? Beats me. Maybe what people are willing to pay is the final bottom line. I price things with the market in mind and with quality in mind and with future production in mind. If people didn't want to pay $1500 for a male Pastel this year, then I would have 3 choices. Keep them all (yeah right). Sell them at the new low price (maybe if I was destitute and got myself in a bad situation with poor planning and financial management). Or I could flip them out of the country and let the people get them elsewhere. The market does NOT always determine what breeders sell their animals for. The market for an adult female Ball Python is probably $300, no more. I wouldn't sell any of mine for less than $1,000 each. Why would I? Market dictates what the price is, but breeders don't have to follow it. And more power to them for doing so. They're the ones doing all the work.
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