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Some people will see you asking lots of general knowledge questions as being lazy. The perception is that if they are easy questions to find the answer to, then you should at least try to do the research yourself before asking here. When people ask a question I dont know the answer to but am interested in, I go look myself. It usually doesn't take more than 5 minutes to find out, and I'm no brighter than you.

I've been guilty of this myself sometimes as well. Often I'll find the answer just after asking the question too which means I wasn't patient enough.

I guarantee if you started a question with "I've looked on the net, but found conflicting information. Which is best...boxers or briefs?" or "I couldn't find the answer on the net...can you tell me what's the difference between constrictor constrictor and constrictor imperator?", nobody will give you a hard time, and you'll get a usefull answer.

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