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Originally posted by Cruciform
The game arrives in the mail, and I look at the shipping stamps only to discover it cost them a total of $1.60 to send me the package. The mark-up to ship it was over 1000 percent.
More about this: I ordered an item and the seller tacked on a $20 shipping cost. I received the item and looked at the stamps: $9. I thought, "Well he must have not known the actual cost and since I sent the money before he went to the post office, I'll accept this higher price." I ordered something from him again thinking he would give me a reduced or at least "honest" shipping charge. Nope, I gave him $20, the actual cost was $7.

On to something else, I think someone who understands that packing supplies can be expensive is more willing to accept a box charge (even if it's not advertised) than someone who doesn't ship. As I've said before, I'm willing to pay this box charge because I've done my own research for shipping. It really does cost $12 to pack an animal. Considering I am selling < $20 animals sometimes I think I'm quite allowed to request this fee.
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